Photo correction techniques for digital image processing

We offer the three C's of digital photo correction FREE for each print you order.

The three C's of IONA's complimentary digital print processing service are:

  • Adjust Composition
  • Adjust Contrast
  • Adjust Color Balance

Adjust Composition
Adjusting the photo composition involves rotating an image slightly right or left to level the horizon or balance subject elements, cropping the image to enhance its composition, and formatting it for the desired print resolution and size.

Adjust Contrast
To enhance exposure, software tools allow you to make adjustments that increase or decrease the exposure range of the image. Good exposure is achieved when a photograph exploits the entire range of white to black without loosing detail in the very dark or light areas of a print. Illustrations about how histograms are used to adjust contrast with software imaging tools are on our Camera Settings page.

Adjust Color Balance
Under certain light and environmental conditions the light that illuminates subjects may have a red, green or blueish cast. Light source conditions that cause that are:

  • RED HUE: Indoor photos with low level standard tungsten light sources. Using a flash normally minimizes this effect;
  • GREEN HUE: Indoor photos under florescent lights;
  • BLUE HUE: Outdoor photos under bright sunlight, particularly at higher elevations where there's more ultraviolet light.

Digital cameras use White Balance to correct the image captured under these conditions. Professional photo imaging software also can be used to correct undersired color casts during the print processing phase of producing a high resolution print.

IONA also offers custom photo retouching and restoration for a fee of $65.00 per hour billed in 15 minute intervals. Please email a digital copy of the photo and description of the enhancements you want made for a price quote.

IONA Print Studio uses Epson Stylus Pro 7890 printers with archival Ultrachrome Vivid Magenta K3 Inks and archive quality fine art papers and canvas to produce prints that are colorfast for 70-100 years when properly framed and stored.